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ADA – Disability Discrimination

Weston Disability Discrimination AttorneyAmericans with Disabilities Act

Mr. Shulby has represented his clients in over 1,700 ADA lawsuits in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and in other states.

A Wake Up Call

If you are a business that is open to the public, but inaccessible to individuals with disabilities, and you have not heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), just wait: It is only a matter of time. The ADA requires places of public accommodation to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Simply put, the ADA requires that businesses, such as retail stores, shopping plazas, restaurants, theatres, banks, offices, hotels, parks, schools, and even government buildings and facilities, be accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities, including persons with mobility impairments, who use wheelchairs, or are visually or hearing impaired.

See You In Court

The United States Department of Justice, non-profit advocacy organizations, and individuals with disabilities are taking their grievances against inaccessible businesses to court. The ADA provides a vehicle by which such entities and, most importantly, individuals with disabilities, can file lawsuits in court to compel businesses to take remedial measures to make their properties, goods and services more accessible, including providing accessible parking spaces, curb ramps, tables, counters, restrooms, hotel rooms, etc. There is also a recent upward trend of lawsuits against the websites of businesses and online reservation systems of hotels, motels and inns that are inaccessible to persons with disabilities. The cost of non-compliance can be steep, and can include the expense of remediating the property (or website) to meet the ADA’s standards and reimbursement of the complainant’s attorney’s fees, expenses and costs.

ADA Advocacy and Representation

We advocate for our clients and represent them in court in high impact disability rights cases. We have represented clients in over 1,700 ADA cases throughout Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Nevada, Massachusetts, and New York. If you are in need of an advocate to represent you, feel free to contact us and provide us with the details of your matter for our consideration.

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